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Are we doing OK? APT external moderation report

Thursday, May 23, 2013

We know that that the courses are excellently written and that so much energy, thought and organisation goes into the planning of every Elklan course. It is, however, always good to have this validated by others especially those who professionally determine these things.

We are delighted, therefore, that a recent quality audit by an external moderator gave us a great report. These are some of the positive statements she made:

  • "The centre operates an excellent rating system for assessors’ performance. 
  • Feedback to assessors is good. 
  • The sampling of portfolios is robust and randomly generated. 
  • The work is extremely well presented and mapped to the assessment criteria.
  • There is clear page numbering and constructive feedback to the learner from assessors.
  • Excellent activities and feedback to the learner.
  • Constructive feedback from the assessor
  • The sampling of assessors/learner evidence is managed by a robust plan, kept electronically.
  • The sampling rate exceeds the recommended 20% and includes two whole portfolios and criteria sampling across a number of other portfolios which is ideal."
Many thanks to all our tutors and internal verifiers for keeping the standard of training and assessment so high. Keep up the good work!