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BREAKING NEWS – Shine A Light Awards: Primary School of The Year Finalist

Friday, November 09, 2012

Wyndham Primary Academy in Derbyshire has been selected to receive one of the following awards, either winner of Primary school of the year, a runner up or the winner of an outstanding achievement award.

This outstanding school achieved Elklan's Communication Friendly School Status last year as a result of completing our five -tep programme. The Elklan programme of staff training and development supported the schools agenda of promoting communication development in ALL children. 

Communication Friends

Paula Baines-Chambers, Assistant Principal writes:

Speaking and listening is one of our drivers and is highlighted on all planning. Speech and language is the responsibility of the whole school and we aim to impact upon all learners. 

All staff received Professional Development through the Elklan programme which disseminates the good practice and aims to promote the speech, language and communication of all children. 

  • Some of the impact from the Elklan training is:
  • Children were rolled off speech and language programmes quicker last academic year due to having a designated Learning Support Assistant 
  • Speech and language best practise is used across the curriculum (mind maps, attribute webs, word games and visuals) 
  • Reading has been given another purpose – not just the story but the vocabulary to steal. 
  • Use of colour and symbols helped children to answer questions and remember information. 
  • Children remember words because they are able to see it in a bigger context through the use of attribute webs and word games 
  • words a day to hit the target of 40,000 word vocabulary by the age of 11 
  • Vocabulary charts on display in classes 
  • Fun vocabulary games incorporated into planning Children are excited about words 
  • All staff use the ‘BLANK level’ to assess children 
  • Questioning is well directed and planned for, staff are more aware of the level of questioning 
  • Directed ‘thinking time’ is given 
  • Staff change the tone of their voices to aid communication 
  • Children’s answers are developed further to build on them whilst adding further development to it 
  • School has a communication policy in place.
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