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Children's attainment enhanced through Communication Friendly Settings project

Monday, October 13, 2014

Leading the way in the UK on Communication - Elklan Communication Friendly Settings impact continues apace

It is heart warming to see the impact of Elklan's Communication Friendly Settings (CFSe) training across the whole of the UK. St Tomas's C of E school in Ashton in Makerfield report that after implementing the story mapping strategies taught in the Elklan training more children have achieved at level 3 in year two. They report particular success with a child with  communication and interaction difficulties who was unable to create a story independently but is now achieving an above average level. At KS2 level 6 writing  has been achieved for the first time by some pupils, there has been an increase of both boys and girls achieving level 4+ and a significant improvement in level 5+ writing amongst the boys.  

In Bradford Catherine Pass, Elklan tutor, celebrated the success of more than 40 primary schools who have achieved CFSe status. Speaking at a hugely successful event held in City Hall last week Catherine comments on some of the children who were involved in the presentations:

'Feeling really proud of all that the schools and children have achieved. Some of the boys who took part were were non-verbal 3 years ago and to see them yesterday, talking to strangers about their work and strategies that help them was so special and quite moving'. 

Following on from their initial training the schools have embraced the Elklan  initiatives and the photos showcase the displays the schools put together to demonstrate their development of the Communication Friendly School strategies.

It is really exciting to see how schools have embraced the challenges and how relatively simple and easy to implement stratagies have had such a profound impact on a wide range of children enhancing teaching and learning.  

The event was attended by the local Bradford Newspaper the Telegraph and Argus; read their article here.

For more information about how your school can achieve Elklan Communication Friendly status click here