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Do you work with children with severe learning disability?

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Happy new Year everyone! To celebrate the new year we have a new publication: Language Builders for Pupils with SLD (Severe Learning Difficulties)

This book provides detailed advice and activities to promote the communication skills of all school age children. It develops ideas suitable for children at primary school. It has been written to be accessible to parents, learning support assistants and teachers and many speech and language therapists use it in their daily work. It is the core reading material for the accredited course Speech and Language Support for Pupils with SLD.
It addresses many areas including:

  • Using positive adult-pupil interaction to promote communication
  • Supporting effective attention and listening
  • Helping pupils who have learning difficulties to understand spoken language and develop verbal reasoning skills
  • Using Total Communication as a core approach to communication
  • Promoting vocabulary development
  • How to develop expressive language and narrative skills
  • Learning how to identify and support pupils’ social communication skills
  • As with all Elklan materials having purchased the book you are free to photocopy relevant pages so equipping others who work within your school or health provision.
Order this new resource now from our shop.