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‘Driving transformation using evidence based practice’: The RCSLT Conference 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Liz attended the RSCLT conference last week where the topic was EBP and the transformation of the profession.

We cannot help but be aware that current drivers, including austerity measures, are impacting adversely on the quality of speech and language services across the UK and that SLTs are looking to the RCSLT to provide leadership to support them in response to this. We know the funding of services is determined by the evidence of what works, outcomes for service users and cost effectiveness/value for money. 

The day provided an emerging picture of best practice across speech and language services. The conference, was the largest gathering of the profession from across the UK. It supported members to respond to the current and future challenges.

Liz was delighted with the level of interest that Elklan generated. Elklan fits in well with the drive for quality, proven ways to empower the staff with whom we work.