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Elklan Annual Meeting March 6th 2013 Holiday Inn Express, Salford

Thursday, March 07, 2013

We had a great AGM yesterday with plenty of news from Elklan such as what everybody is doing, new courses, up-dates planned etc. Liz and Henrietta had lots to report and everybody was given the chance to talk about what they were doing with Elklan in their areas.           

Elklan in a Social Enterprise

Elklan Tutors come from different backgrounds, some work solely in the NHS, many are set up as limited

 companies or sole traders. There are also some who work for social enterprises. Alison Buckley shared her

 experiences of working and training both parents and staff within a social enterprise.

Evaluating Elklan

We discussed evaluation in general and shared ideas of how best to do this. We really need to show how Elklan change practice and the impact it has on SLT input in establishments were Elklan principles have been taken on board. How much quicker is it to deal with people who know what you are talking about, to whom you don’t have to take ages explaining ICW or Blank? This has a cost benefit and we must establish what this is.

Moderation:  Is our marking consistent?

There was a valuable opportunity to compare portfolio marking.  Some of us were very strict while other more lenient but there was a general consensus of what was correct or needed more input from the learner. The marking is putting some people off delivering accredited courses so there  is now a marking service available.

Introducing the new initiatives:

Henrietta discussed the QCF, new courses and ELDP/Elklan while Liz introduced the new publications: SLIP to 

support the under 5s and the primary courses. These are available on the website.


I discussed some simple marketing principles and how helping Elklan with blogs, evaluations, press releases all helps individuals with their own. If Elklan has been in the media, the people we want to attract on our courses are more likely to jump at the chance rather than have to be persuaded, in this difficult climate. We’re going to have a separate part of the website for information about marketing your courses and businesses. I’ve already written about tenders and promoting courses. Claire from Shine asked about SEO, so that will be my next one.

I was extremely impressed with the scope and variety of what tutors are doing in their areas. I think we all went away fired up and inspired to do more. We’d all like to extend a big thank you to Liz and Henrietta for organising the day.... and of course for all the continual hard work and dedicated.

Look out for next year’s AGM, same place March 2014!