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Pupils make significant gains with Elklan Communication Friendly Schools programme

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Significant gains in pupil scores have been recorded across all areas of the curriculum following implementation of Elklan’s Communication Friendly Schools (CFS) Programme in Bridgelea Pupil Referral Unit.

Karen Bailey, Speech and Language Therapist (clinical lead) writes:

As a school we have taken on the vision of becoming a Communication Friendly School – this has almost been achieved as staff complete their level 4 portfolios.  We are a primary Pupil Referral Unit for children with challenging behaviour as a result of social, emotion and mental health needs.  We are the sole provision in Manchester, and speech and language therapy is provided via a service level agreement of 2 days per week. There are no other comparable settings with the same provision in the authority. Over the past 2 ½ years, we have focussed on training all the staff in the school, using Elklan as the training package – this is a rolling programme as staff number increases and changes over time - by Dec 2015 the majority of the staff in school will have gained accredited certification.

Karen Bailey, October 2015
Comparison of speaking and listening attainment

The statistics speak for themselves. There are gains across all the curriculum areas, especially speaking and listening for an exceptionally transient group of children – many come to school on a preventative placement for a limited time.

The revised CFS packs are now available to purchase and for tutors to deliver in local schools.

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