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Regional responses: 100% positive (again!)

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Liz Elks carried out some training in the summer for the regional training Unit in NI  which was very positively received. She had been asked to run a course called Communication Counts over 2 days to KS2 teachers. As usual Liz evaluated the course. The results are as follows:

The extent to which stated objectives were met: 76% excellent, 25% very good

The extent to which the course was worthwhile:  73% excellent, 24% very good, 3% good

How enjoyable you found the course: 66% excellent, 31% very good, 3% good

Appropriateness of course content:  60% excellent, 33% very good, 7% good

Relevance to your present responsibilities: 56% excellent, 30% very good, 14% very good

Tutor: Liz Elks: 86% excellent, 14% very good

Additional Comments
  • Parking improved from previous day, but still quite a distance to walk to venue. Catering moved quicker. 
  • Liz was very interesting and informative.  I found the course very useful.  We were provided with lots of relevant information and strategies.
  • Would be great to attend a course for specific age difficulties.  A long day, a lot of information jammed into the session.
  • Really enjoyed the ‘practical classroom tips’.
  • Fantastic venue and great course.  Really beneficial.
  • Fantastic course, very well delivered and extremely relevant to all aspects of current work.  Presenter was excellent at explaining all information.  Thank you.
  • Fantastic course from fantastic presenter, many thanks!

Main Learning Points

  • Excellent course.  Well worthwhile.  Propose to disseminate information as part of whole school capacity building or speech and language.
  • Strategies for developing S & L within my own class.
  • Developing vocabulary, very useful ideas.
  • Ideas for my own class, encouraging children to speak, effective strategies.
  • Able to brush up on existing knowledge.
  • Valuable gains from course surrounding the area of word finding, (very effective strategies and will put into practice).  Word association, dyspraxia and storytelling.
  • Word Wize Whizz, word maps and resources for KS2.
  • I really liked the practical activities for working with the children.  Appropriate for a wide age range.
This 100% positive feedback is quite typical of the responses for Elklan courses so Liz and the other tutors are used to this. However, this is not typical of the feedback from many courses for practitioners according to recent market research done in Staffordshire.

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