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The National Scholarship fund: potential for Elklan learners

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

There is a scheme called the National Scholarship Fund where Teachers and special educational needs (SEN) support staff will be able to bid for funds from the scheme worth up to £2 million to deepen their subject knowledge and develop their skills. In previous years funding has been secured for Elklan training.

For the third year running, teachers can bid for up to £3,500 while SEN staff can bid for up to £2,000.

To qualify teachers must:

  • Work with priority subjects/specialisms: mathematics, English, science and SEN
  • Have the support from school: teachers were required to demonstrate support from their school in terms of accessing resources and being able to carry out activities within and outside the school

To qualify for a scholarship SEN support staff have to:

  • work in an eligible school in England
  • spend at least 50% of their contracted time supporting pupils who have special educational needs and disabilities in learning based activities
  • have achieved qualifications equivalent to, at least, full level 3 or hold higher level teaching assistant status

However, this is a time-limited offer. The application window, is only open  for 3 weeks from 8 April, so please make sure you let staff know. They will find out in August if they have been successful.

External Link: National Scholarship Fund for SEN support staff: How to apply