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Thumping outcomes in Thrumpton!

Monday, June 01, 2015

Many congratulations to the mums in Thrumpton who recently gained an AptEd qualification in Elklan's highly successful Let's talk with Under 5s. Also to Rachel Dillon their Elklan tutor who inspired them through the programme. The local press have heralded this new initiative in an article that can be read here

This follows on from a 100% positive evaluation given by the mums in response to the training. The full report can be read on the website but here are a few golden nuggets!

One of the mums writes:

“This course has been inspirational for me. From day one I loved this course! Since starting it, I have started to help Foundation One, 3 afternoons a week, Kid’s Club, 1 afternoon and Foundation Two, 1 afternoon a week. I have enrolled on a child behaviour course and I am enrolling on a level 3 specialist support for teaching and learning (diploma) with North Notts College. And learning Makaton Sign Language also. Rachel is a brilliant tutor and has made this course very enjoyable and I thank her a lot for changing my life around”

So not only does the course help with the children but it gives parents the confidence to become adult learners which in turn can only help the children be aspirational too!

Rachel the tutor also reports, 

'It was SO satisfying to deliver, and they all really loved the course'.

Some facts and figures for those who like them:

100% of the participants reported that they now use all the stratagems taught with their children as they all found them very practical and useful.

100% reported that they found the course very helpful in:

  • Giving them new ideas to help their child’s talking.
  • Supporting them to change some things they do with your child.
  • Supporting them to improve their child’s understanding.
  • Helping them to help their child to listen better.
  • Supporting them to improve their child’s talking.

88% reported that felt this course was very helpful in helping them to improve their child's talking and that it would be very helpful for their friends and family who have young children. The remaining 12% (1 person) reported it would be helpful.

Let's give the last word to the learners:

“Absolutely fantastic for giving me pointers on helping me support my daughter”
“This course gave me lots of ideas that I have been sharing with people I work with in Pre-School”
“Very helpful hints on encouraging child to talk”
“Very helpful – simple but very useful ideas”
“Particularly liked the play/game ideas to encourage talking”
“It was a fantastic course, lots of new ideas and strategies to practice and put in place”
“I found the course friendly and informative and a fantastic confidence boost. After doing the course, I am now encouraged that I am capable of doing another course. Absolutely have appreciated all the helpful hints. Rachel was absolutely fantastic. Thank you”

You can read more of their comments here.

Watch this space as this is a pilot for a research study being independently conducted by Notts SaLT Dept. We await their next set of results with anticipation! 

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