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Whole school approach: in every sense

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Communication Friendly School accreditation is proving to be invaluable for creating a better environment for the development of children's speech, language and communication. 

The feedback Elklan are receiving shows that schools feel that this is 'absolutely worthwhile'. Many teachers have reported that they can use the techniques and strategies with all children while others feel it's helping to make sense of the children who have difficulties in this area. 

Whole school may mean to some, that all the teaching staff are confident but it is also applicable to non-teaching staff such as lunchtime supervisors. Here is one comment we received from staff at a school in Crewe:

"The middays (dinner supervisors) have had the training and are now working together to sort out problems in the playground. The responses was that they felt part of the school,  having the same training as the teachers and the TA’s and understood that it was important to work as part of a team to try and deal with the situation rather than leave it until lesson time for the teachers to deal with . They are now asking for more information on children with English as a second language and are now understanding why certain children behave the way they do.

The whole school staff have changed their methods due to Elklan, small steps at first but growing and changing daily. The effect is noticeable and appreciated."

So let's help spread the word to enable more schools to know about Elklan's Communication Friendly School accreditation. The more schools who do this, the better for everyone but especially the children with speech, language and communication difficulties.