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Speech and Language Support for 0-3s course outline

Session 1:  What is Communication?

  • Identify the processes involved in communication.

Session 2:  Adult-child interaction and non-verbal communication

  • Examine the effect of adult-child interaction on the development of communication skills.
  • Explore the importance of non-verbal communication behaviours.

Session 3:  Play for Language

  • Explore the link between play & language development and the development of social play.
  • Develop skills to promote play & support language development at key developmental stages.

Session 4:  Listening, attention and understanding spoken language

  • Develop strategies to promote listening and attention and link these to the EYFS Development Matters statements.
  • Develop strategies to encourage the understanding of language including additional languages.

Session 5:  The Language Journey

  • Explore typical development of language learning.
  • Learn strategies to help children to develop a wide and varied vocabulary.
  • Consider how to meet the needs of the different EYFS age groups.

Session 6:  The Blank Language Scheme

  • Facilitate development of supporting verbal reasoning.
  • Practise modifying the adult’s language according to individual needs.

Session 7:  Encouraging the development of spoken language and clear speech

  • Develop strategies to encourage the use of early phrases and sentences.
  • Explore how we articulate sounds and their typical development.
  • Discuss strategies to support young children with unclear speech.

Session 8:  Sharing books, using rhymes and exploring the link to early literacy

  • Consider the link between speech, language and early literacy development.
  • Explore how to use songs, rhymes and books to support communication.

Session 9:  Working with parents and carers to support communication development

  • Discuss effective ways of supporting parents to develop their child’s early communication skills.
  • Discuss how knowledge gain from the course links with the two year review process.

Session 10:  Linking it all together

  • Present evidence of applying knowledge gained across the course during everyday activities.
Speech & Language Support for 0-3s