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Becoming an Elklan Communication Friendly Early Years Setting - FAQs

What do I do next? Contact your local Speech and Language Therapist or a setting that has an Elklan Level 4 trained LCP and enquire if they are able to provide Elklan training. If so they may facilitate you in becoming a Communication Friendly Setting. Alternatively contact Elklan and we will provide a tutor or a training course in your area.

How do I find an LCP to support my setting? This may vary from area to area. Another setting near you such as a nursery or a children’s centre may decide to train their own LCP in order to support other settings. Some Local Authorities may fund and provide LCPs in an area. Why not consider training you own LCP and supporting other settings?

What does the training look like at the setting level? An Elklan Tutor who is a speech and language therapist will deliver the in-depth courses Speech and Language Support for 0-3s or 3-5s to 1 in 10 early years practitioners first. If an LCP from a different setting or from the LEA is involved, the LCP will visit the setting and train all the other staff. They will either present the material themselves or use the online QuICKER Communication videos. The LCP will also lead activities during the session to embed the learning.

What does the audit involve? The audit involves gathering evidence that the training has been embedded in practice such as photographs of interventions used. A setting communication policy will be included in the audit document. The audit will be verified by an Elklan Tutor and further work or evidence may be required so becoming a Communication Friendly Setting is a process and not a ‘test’.

How long does the CFSe accreditation last? CFSe is awarded for three years on successful completion of the training and audit. A further audit of the setting will be carried out when renewal is requested. Evidence of continuing Elklan training in the setting must be shown.

When do Level 3 courses start? When convenient to the individuals provided that a tutor is available. A setting may want to complete the CFSe accreditation over an academic year; this is achievable and the programme has been designed to be delivered in this manner.

What does the Level 4 portfolio involve? The LCPs organise and deliver the cascaded training to settings. The Elklan trained SaLT tutor will facilitate support for the LCP’s and mark their level 4 portfolios which describe how the learning has been embedded throughout the setting.