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Becoming an Elklan Communication Friendly Early Years Setting: Pricing

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Elklan CFSe costs for Early Years Settings

Key elements Price when supplied by
local Elklan tutor (LEA, SaLT dept)
Price when supplied by
Elklan commissioned tutor
1 Training practitioners at Level 3

In each setting 1 in 10 practitioners must complete either Speech and Language Support for 0-3s or Speech and Language Support for 0-3s 3-5s at Level 3.

This can be a 10 week, 3 day or E-Learning course (0-3s only).

£90.90 pp

Includes book and accreditation fee only - tutoring cost set by provider.

£468 pp
face to face


£420 pp
blended E-Learning

Includes tutoring, resources and accreditation.

Language Builders for 0-3s or Early Language Builders (3-5s) workbooks.

2 Training a Lead Communication Practitioner (LCP)

After completing at Level 3, a practitioner studies at Level 4 to become an LCP.

They then cascade key elements of the course Speech and Language Support for 0-3s or 3-5s to all staff in a setting using Communication Counts for Under 5s.

They help embed learning and lead the setting to complete a satisfactory CFSe audit. Whilst supporting the setting they complete a level 4 portfolio.


Includes LCP training manual and accreditation only.
Tutoring cost set by provider.


Includes tutoring*, manual and accreditation.

* Tutoring = five x 30 mins of individual telephone support from an Elklan tutor.

Level 4 e-Portfolio of evidence

LCP training manual.

3 Early years CFSe accreditation

Awarded to an EY setting that has:

  • 1 in 10 practitioners trained at Level 3
  • Cascaded learning to all their staff
  • Completed a satisfactory CFSe audit

The audit must be repeated every 3 years.


accreditation fee


accreditation tutoring and fee

CFSe monthly newsletter, web access to QuICKER Communication to train new staff if required.