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Let's Talk with 5-9s

This highly successful level 1 accredited course has been written to support parents with children aged 5-9 years. The package has been received enthusiastically by over 1,000 learners who have completed the training. It is taught by an experienced speech and language therapist who has been trained by Elklan.

It is designed to run over 7 weeks, each session lasting 2 hours; it can also be taught in four half day sessions.

This course is for parents and carers of primary aged school children It can also be accessed by those not wishing to study the more intensive course called Speech and Language Support for 5-11s.

Elklan courses are externally quality assured and accredited by an OfQual regulated national Awarding Organisation. Participants can achieve 3 credits at level 1. Learners do not have to complete the accreditation, it is their own choice.

The course covers the following topics

  • What is communication?
  • The chat challenge – encouraging conversation
  • Listening and understanding
  • Learning new words
  • Using sentences
  • Asking questions and sharing books
  • Helping children with unclear speech

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Non-Accredited Courses

Parents are with their children for a lot of the time and so training them can be of huge benefit not only for the child who has difficulties but for all the children in the family. Money spent on training and equipping parents to communicate more effectively with their child is money well spent.

Communication is central to development and effective parenting and so commissioning one of our courses will enable the parents to not only support the child's communication development but also his/her social interaction skills with adults and peers.

Elklan offers the following non-accredited training for parents of children aged 5-11 years. Courses can run over half days, twilight or evening sessions which can be tailored to suit your individual need.

Choose from the following options, each session lasts 1 ½ hours:

  • The chat challenge- encouraging conversation and developing non-verbal communication
  • Helping children to listen and understand language
  • Developing vocabulary and learning new words
  • Asking questions using the Language for Learning model and sharing books

Want to find out more or commission a course for parents in your school or school cluster?

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