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Speech and Language Support for 5-11s

This highly successful accredited course has been written to support staff working with pupils aged 5-11 years. The package has been received enthusiastically by over 7,000 learners who have completed the training. It is taught by an experienced speech and language therapist sometimes with a specialist teacher who has been trained by Elklan.

It is designed to run over 10 weeks although can be taught in five half day sessions or 3 full days.

This course trains teaching staff and assistants (including speech and language therapy assistants) working with pupils of primary school age.

Elklan courses are externally quality assured and accredited by an OfQual regulated national Awarding Organisation. Participants can achieve 6 credits at level 2 or 3, the choice of level is made by the individual with guidance from the course tutors.

The course covers the following topics:

  • What is communication?
  • Adult child interaction and non-verbal communication.
  • Developing play, listening and attention skills.
  • Understanding first words and using visual strategies.
  • Understanding beyond simple sentences – the Language for Learning model is taught.
  • Modifying adults' speech to help a child understand language using the Information Carrying word (ICW) model.
  • Encouraging expressive language development.
  • Promoting effective communication and social skills.
  • Supporting pupils with unclear speech.
  • Management of stammering and application of all strategies learnt.


Two Day Overview Course

Would you like your teaching staff to be trained on the core content of the full accredited programme over two full days? If so this is the course for you!

The programme is tightly packed with strategies and information to support the speaking and listening skills of all pupils in your school and especially those with speech, language and communication needs.

Each participant will receive a copy of our highly successful Language Builders book which contains the core course material that every participant will need to gain maximum benefit from the course.

The timing of the course can be arranged to suit you.

You can cluster with other schools in your local area to commission the training and share costs.

Elklan strongly recommends that assistant staff complete the full 10 week programme as this will help embed and disseminate the knowledge gained.

More information about the Two Day Non-Accredited Course >>



INSET days and twilight sessions

Your school can now benefit from an experienced Elklan tutor delivering training to the whole staff team. Courses can run over half days, whole days and twilight sessions and can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Choose from the following options, each session lasts 3 hours:

What is communication?

The development of verbal and non-verbal communication will be explored and practical advice given in using visuals to support pupils who have difficulty understanding spoken language.
Developing verbal reasoning and problem solving skills
The Language for Learning Model (Blank) will be taught and ideas for embedding the new learning into the whole school context will be explored.
Promoting vocabulary development
The staff will explore how vocabulary is learned and be taught practical strategies to help young pupils learn new words. Ideas will be shared around how these new strategies can be embedded in the setting.
Developing attention and listening skills and memory.
Understand a little of how memory works and learn strategies to improve learning and memory. Learn how attention develops and explore strategies to help work on the child's listening, learning and attention.


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