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Information for Schools as Commissioners: Benefits for Staff

The Communications Trust report A Generation Adrift, January 2013, noting that "[c]ommunication has a strong position in the new Ofsted inspection framework" found that:

Recent research concludes that teachers would benefit from more knowledge of pupils’s speech, language and communication development, as well as training in how to assess and measure these skills in young pupils appropriately.

Teaching and teaching assistant staff in the school benefit from Elklan training because they:

  • Feel more confident in working with pupils with speech, language and communication need (SLCN).
  • Can be a specialist resource to the other members of staff in the school.
  • Understand the importance of their role in developing pupils's communication.
  • Can support the communication development of all pupils in the school environment across the curriculum and in the playground too!
  • Have a range of strategies at their disposal which can be used to support pupils's communication whatever and wherever they are being taught.
  • Feel more confident in interpreting SaLT reports and programmes which means they can be implemented more easily and effectively.
  • Know how to modify their interactions which is of benefit to ALL pupils.
  • Can change the way they speak to pupils so they understand more of what is said.
  • Can encourage talking by using specific strategies such as modelling language which can be used anytime, anywhere!
  • Know how to support a child with interaction difficulties
  • Can support a child with speech difficulties who has a speech therapy programme to follow.
  • Know the types of pupils they can work with and those which need to be seen by the speech and language therapist.
  • Are more confident in talking to parents about the child's speaking and listening skills.
  • Share a common language with the SaLT service and so understand what they are being asked to do quickly and can complete activities more efficiently.

Some comments from learners on their Elklan courses:


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