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Schools as Commissioners: Hearing Difficulties: Courses for Practitioners

Supporting Children with Hearing Difficulties

Elklan have developed this highly successful accredited five week course for practitioners who support children of any age who have some degree of hearing loss, and is available to practioners who have already completed an Elklan ten-week Core course.

This course is accredited through an externally quality assured and Ofqual regulated national Awarding Organisation. There are opportunities to develop practitioners' skills and knowledge to support the communication of all children and young people but especially those with autism and speech and language difficulties in primary and secondary settings.

What is taught?
  • What do we mean by a hearing loss?
    • Know the different parts of the ear and explain their functions
    • Understand the types of hearing tests available
    • audiograms and their resulting loss
    • Understand the variety of hearing aids and equipment used
    • Presenting features of a hearing loss
  • Communication and the child with hearing loss
    • areas of communication that may breakdown because of the hearing difficulty
    • How to modify the environment to support the child
    • How to modify your own communication style for the benefit of the child
    • The different modes of communication hearing impaired children use
    • The terminology used
  • Supporting the language and social skills of the child with hearing difficulties.
    • The effects of hearing loss on understanding and talking.
    • The impact of hearing impairment on the development of social language skills.
    • How to identify which parts of the listening hierarchy tasks are testing.
    • hearing loss. 
  • Supporting the listening and phonological development of the child with hearing difficulties.
    • The fact that presenting speech and language difficulties may be interrelated.
    • Disordered speech patterns.
    • The difference between being able to make a sound and being able to use it.
    • The impact of hearing loss on the ability to make and use speech sounds.


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