Information for Managers of SaLT services: Benefits of Elklan training for the SaLT service

Once a member of staff in a school or Early Years setting has been trained using an Elklan course they are of huge benefit because:

  • The SaLT department can sell the training programmes to the schools so raising money.
  • The amount of time the SaLT has to spend talking about a child with the trained staff member is reduced because there is a shared language e.g.
  • ICW's which the SaLT has confidence that is understood. This improves efficiency
  • The practitioner can liaise efficiently with the SaLT service.
  • They understand why they are being asked to support a child in a specific way
  • They can change the way they speak to children which helps develop receptive language and verbal reasoning skills.
  • children have speech sound difficulty and why it is important to follow SaLT programmes
  • They know how to support children with a range of different speech, language and communication needs
  • They have capacity within the setting to manage some children themselves. They don't need to refer every child to speech and language therapy but only those who need to be seen for more assessment

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