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University of Sheffield evaluation of Elklan training

A new evaluation report from The Department of Human Communication Sciences at The University of Sheffield has just been published which shows fantastic evidence for Elklan training.

Judy Clegg has carried out an independent evaluation of Elklan’s Talking Matters programme, developed to improve practitioners’ knowledge and confidence in children’s speech, language and communication.

Infographic of findings

The results show that dedicated training makes a statistically significant impact on children’s receptive and expressive language skills. Other findings highlight:

  • Children who received Talking Matters support progressed by an average of seven months in their language development, whilst children in the control group progressed by two months.
  • Differences could be seen in both the children’s ability to understand (receptive language) and their ability to use and combine words (expressive language).
  • The trial resulted in practitioners using new strategies they hadn’t used prior to Talking Matters, such as modeling (nearly 40% increase), waiting for the child to talk (37%), focusing on verbs/action words (30%), using short words and sentences (27%) and focusing on describing words (23%).

The feedback from Talking Matters has since been used to develop Elklan’s Communication Friendly Settings programme, an evidence-based, value for money intervention for children from zero to five years. A key component of Talking Matters was the accredited Speech and Language Support for 0-3s course. Practitioners across the UK have attended this course and as a result have completed the first step towards gaining Communication Friendly Setting status for their setting.  

The full evaluation report and an infographic to share with others is available from

New: Let's talk with your baby

Eight one-hour interactive sessions for parents/carers and their babies aged 3 – 12 months.

Can be delivered to groups or individual parents.


  • Promote positive adult-child interaction at the earliest possible stage
  • Promote early attachment and communication skills
  • Provide a stimulating and communication-rich environment through interactive, fun activities

Tried and tested: 100% of parents reported that they had tried out the activities at home.

Price: £45

Changes to CFS delivery

We have now made the Communication Friendly Schools courses accessible to therapists to tutor individual schools and to individual schools to join a programme being run in the Autumn in London and via blended learning. Please let any of your local schools know and encourage them to visit the website at Contact Liz for more information.